Hyundai Blue Drive diagram

Eco-Friendly Innovation

Blue Drive is an initiative from Hyundai focused on increasing fuel economy, lowering greenhouse emissions, all while maximizing vehicle range and reliability. Started in 2008, Blue Drive plans to establish a full lineup of green models ranging from compact cars to SUVs by 2020. Through its Blue Drive initiative, Hyundai Motor is investing in green car technology to become a leader in this emerging market.

Hyundai Blue Drive Systems

Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Hyundai Hybrid Electric Vehicle Layout

Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) combines the power sources of an internal combustion engine and an electric motor. As Hyundai’s innovative development of parallel hybrids achieve better fuel economy with improved packaging efficiency, the Hybrid Starter Generator control technology further assists the engine clutch control and reduces the tension between the EV mode and the engine mode for smoother hybrid driving.

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Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Hyundai Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle Layout

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) is an advanced hybrid vehicle with greater fuel-efficiency and extended battery life, allowing for longer distance driving in all-electric mode. Whether driven on EV mode or HEV mode, PHEV has a significant advantage of providing greater driving performance and range while reducing levels of emissions.

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Electric Vehicle

Hyundai Electric Vehicle Layout

Electric Vehicle (EV) uses outside electrical energy sources. Onboard electric motors and rechargeable high-density batteries are used for propulsion. By not using gasoline or diesel, EV helps reduce carbon emissions, especially if powered with electricity from renewable sources. Equipped with a 27kWh lithium polymer (Li-Poly) battery pack, Hyundai’s EV provides optimized solutions for better performance and longer range.

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Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle

Hyundai Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Layout

By combining Hydrogen and Oxygen atoms in a fuel cell stack, Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) stores compressed hydrogen under high pressure in tanks and produces its own electricity for power, emitting only water and heat. As the developer of world’s first mass-produced fuel-cell vehicle, Hyundai continues to lead the future of sustainable motoring technology.

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New Hyundai Hybrid Cars for Sale in Buford, GA

New Hyundai Ioniq Plug-in Hybrid

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